About the Conference

NAAC Sponsored International Conference - 2023

Open and Digital Learning is a way of learning that is more flexible, individualized, and accessible. The research on open learning has many viewpoints ranging from what are its benefits over traditional forms of teaching, how open learning has been benefitting learners, what are the challenges of open and digital learning, how is it transforming education and how is it impacting economies. So, it is imperative to develop an insight into the prospects and challenges of this new form of education. This conference will enable different professionals, practitioners and scholars to come together and ponder over the prospects and challenges in the way of online and digital education. The outcome of this conference would yield significant implications for policymakers and practitioners to enable the Indian education system to emerge as a pioneer in providing open and digital learning in the times ahead.

Key Objectives

  • To create a platform for academicians, researchers, administrators and Edtech specialists to share and discuss new developments in open and digital learning in India and around the world.
  • To deliberate about the research trends in open and digital learning.
  • To discuss the ways to make open and digital learning environments more engaging.
  • To discuss different TEL initiatives in open and digital learning.